What to eat while breastfeeding ?

What to eat while breastfeeding ?

When a mother is breastfeeding, her diet should be nourishing. Spicy food is avoidable. So also avoid cigarettes, strong or excessive intake of tea, coffee or alcohol.

Some mild tea or a glass of mild beer or wine once a day is permissible. 

Soups can be had as can traditional beverages, like those made from boiling herbs or spices in water.

Traditional recipes that have herbs, nuts, dry fruits, seeds, edible gum etc are also good to eat. Most people shy away from such recipes because of their fat content. The fat content can be considerably reduced by roasting some of the ingredients of frying them. 

By roasting the suji or atta before adding ghee to it, the amount of ghee required can be reduced to half or less than half. If you cannot get traditional recipes made , continue to eat soaked almonds in the morning. Also eat other dry fruits, sprouts, seasonal vegetables, dal with roti or rice, porridge(dalia), khichdi etc.

A breastfeeding mother needs more calories than a pregnant woman. This makes her very hungry. If she does not eat traditional preparations, she will crave for and eat stuff like ice-creams, pastries, jalebis, gulab jamuns etc, which will be fattening minus the nourishment of traditional fare.

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